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The Civil War Project YouTube Channel has officially launched!
As of June 24, 2023, our first videos are live! The first spotlight video is a two-parter on the Lincoln Home National Historic Site in Springfield, Illinois. This was the place that sparked my own interest in Civil War history, so I thought it was most fitting to have this place for my first video.

Part I provides background on the early years of Illinois & Springfield, with special focus o
n the black codes/black laws of the early/mid-1800's, which would have impacted Abraham Lincoln's views on slavery. I also give background on Abraham's boyhood & early years, and his courtship with future wife Mary Todd.

Part II talks about the Lincoln's married/family life together, the history of the house (the only one Abraham would ever own), what became of the home after Abraham's assassination, my favorite things about the Lincoln Home, tips & suggestions, and ways to view the home remotely.

Be sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel so you receive notifications as new videos are made available. Next up: the Lincoln Tomb.

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